Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Cream Maker, Brushed Chrome

The Cuisinart Electronic Ice Cream Maker makes 2 qts of ice cream in just 20 minutes! The machine includes a lid with ingredient spout and integrated measuring cup, a 2 qt freezer bowl and an improved paddle for faster processing time. The housing is a sleek brushed chrome with a simple LCD display with pushpad settings for ice cream, gelato or sorbet. It’s also great for making frozen yogurt! The machine even features a count-down timer and shuts off automatically. Includes full instructions and a selection of recipes. Manufacturer’s 3 year limited warranty. Measures 9.7\” l x 8.6\” w x 13.2\” h.

Product Features

  • Makes 2-quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato or sorbet
  • Improved paddle with faster processing time
  • Control panel with LCD screen and 3 settings with multiple speeds
  • Countdown timer with auto shutoff
  • Ingredient spout with integrated measuring cup


  • Fluffy, Creamy Non-Dairy Ice Cream in whatever flavor I want! My first home ice cream maker and aside from having a professional soft serve machine in my kitchen (of which exists only in my dreams) this machine is hands down impressing me each and every time. The first machine I ordered was defective in that the countdown timer did not beep when the cycle was done. Amazon exchanged the machine with zero hassle and the one that arrived works perfect.As a vegan, not only are the store bought ice creams extremely expensive, flavor selection limited, and the added gum ingredients always destroy my stomach. Additionally I’m not a fan of carrageenan in my foods.This ice cream maker allows me to use my homemade nut or seed milk, any store bought milk, I can add creamer or not add creamer to keep it lower in fat calories, and the recipes are endless. I’ve found the consistency of the ice cream depends on what milk type I use (almond, rice, hemp, cashew, soy etc) as well as how much creamer is used. However, the machine has yet…

  • It sure gets my vote! I’ve just used it once but was delighted with it. I started off with the simple vanilla ice cream recipe and threw in a handful of sliced almonds and some chopped pecans. YUMMMMMM…. It turned out so creamy and delicious — the best homemade I’ve ever had. Considering I was raised with the old fashioned homemade ice cream machine with the rock salt and ice and thought that was so good, this is quite a statement from me. I did follow the instructions to be sure to whisk it well in the beginning, then again before adding it to the machine so it came out nice and creamy…no ice crystals that some speak of. We put the left overs in a flat pyrex dish, covered it with plastic wrap, and put it in the freezer. It stayed a nice serving consistency for several days before it was gone. Not soft as it initially comes out, but not hard as a rock either — just nice and firm and easy to serve. I plan to make several batches for our 4th of July dinner. It should make ahead really well and…

  • Makes Good Ice Cream, but a Poor Value. When I was recently in the market for an ice cream maker, I learned that there is no longer much choice in ice cream makers without a compressor. Cuisinart has the entire market in the US, and they make four models. I dismissed the ICE-21 due to its smaller capacity and general flimsiness. I narrowed it down to either the ICE-60W (Gelateria) or the ICE-70, over the simpler ICE-30BC (Pure Indulgence), because I wondered if having three settings would be advantageous. I opted for the ICE-70, because I got a price no more than the ICE-60W, and I thought a countdown timer would be convenient. The machine measures 8.25″W x 9.5″D x 13.75″H with the lid on. The freezer bowl has a 2-quart capacity and measures 7.75″ in diameter and 6.5″ high.I’ve used the ICE-70 to make sorbet, gelato, and several batches of ice cream so far. The freezer bowl must be frozen at least 24 hours before making your frozen dessert. Most of the machine’s weight is in the freezer bowl. It is lightweight…