HERSHEY’S Dual Single Serve Ice Cream Machine (IC13887)

Customize two different flavors at one time. 2 freezing mugs allow you to serve and store with ease. To top off the customization use the ingredient funnels to add your favorite candies or syrup right into the ice cream.

Product Features

  • Make two different flavors at one time
  • Freezing mugs allow you to serve and store with ease
  • Use the ingredient funnels to add your favorite candies or syrup


  • Good idea in theory but could be better executed The Hershey’s Dual Serve Ice Cream Machine is a very interesting product and could have been a great item but it has some flaws. First let me say I love the pour spouts that allow for you to add a variety of toppings to your ice cream towards the end of the freezing process. Whether it be flavored syrups, candy pieces, nuts or whatever else you can think of. The possibilities are endless. Which is what lured me to this product. I also like the idea of being able to make two different flavors at the same time. Then there are the negatives. I used the machine on two different occasions and both times I found the ice cream to be more of a milk shake consistency. Now I read in the booklet that if you want your ice cream to be “firmer” you should place the containers in the freezer til they set. But that’s not my style. I want ice cream and I want it now. Also some people may be disappointed in the amount of ice cream each cup produces. I found each container makes enough for a…

  • Requires A Lot Of Time and Effort This is a fun device that is interesting to operate. To be honest though I cannot see any reason why one would want to use this apart from having a bonding time with your kids (and I don’t diminish how much fun this could be to make ice cream with young children). It takes well over an hour to make the “ice cream” (including the time to freeze the mugs). The actual work and running time is about 45 minutes. The finished product is absolutely delicious but it is like a milk shake rather than ice cream. Sure – you could put it in the freezer and take some more time. The quantity that it makes is not much. I would say we yielded about 2 12-oz. cups. And there is no way to make more except to run the whole process again with the 30 minute churning time. It was fun making this with my teenage daughter but neither of us is up for doing it again. The cost of the ingredients is more than we would pay for 2 large shakes from Rita’s or 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s. Given the time, cost…