VonShef Professional Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Built-in Compressor, 1.6-Quart Capacity, LCD display and 60 minute timer. No Pre-Freezing required

VonShef Premium Automatic Ice Cream Maker is a professional fully automated ice cream maker with a built in compressor that can mix & freeze 1.6 quart of ice cream in just 60 minutes, with no pre-freezing required. Fully automatic for easy preparation, simply turn the dial and fill the bowl. Standard ice cream makers require the bowl to be put in the freezer a minimum of 8 hours before use, but with a built in compressor this is not necessary! With an LCD display and digital timer which can be set from 10 to 50 minutes.

VonShef® Premium Automatic Ice Cream Maker You can experiment with different ingredients to produce your own perfect flavor. Use anything from fruits, syrups, chocolates and juices to nuts, seeds, and candies. You can also make healthier options like Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet, which are fat free. The Ice Cream Maker is a great way to avoid preservatives and additives and control what goes into your food. Versatile, stylish, fast; and because the motor produces just 50 decibels of operational noise it is very quiet too.


150W Power

1.6 Quart Ice Cream within 60 minutes

Noise level:≦50dB(A) [ambient noise level ≦17dB(A)

Stainless steel housing

Stainless steel non-stick coating removable Bowl

Plastic paddle

Digital Timer: Know when ice cream will be ready

Cooling range -0.4F~ -31F

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

1 cup whole milk

3/4 cup granulated sugar

2 cups heavy cream

1 tsp vanilla extract


Combine sugar and milk with a hand whisk, on low speed for 1 – 2 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved. Stir in cream and vanilla and pour into the removable bowl with mixing paddle. Fit the lid and paddle, turn machine on and set time for 60 minutes. Add extras (candy, chocolate, fruit) through the refill port 5 minutes before the end of mixing and cooling. Enjoy!

Product Features

  • 1.6 Quart Capacity Premium Automatic Ice Cream Maker – also makes Sorbet, Sherbet & frozen yogurt
  • Built in compressor means no pre-freezing required! Standard ice cream makers require 8 hours minimum pre-freezing before making ice cream
  • Create your own flavors and open up a new world of taste!
  • Low Noise Level (50dba). With removable bowl, spoon, and measuring cup. Easy to clean
  • Featured in The Independent’s Top 10 Ice Cream Makers – May 2015


  • VonShef Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Built-In Compressor — Makes 1.6 Quarts Homemade ice cream is infinitely better than store bought. No additives and other strange ingredients used to delay melting and provide a smooth texture. Instead just a few basic ingredients along with an endless array of fruits, nuts and candies are combined to create an indulgent, or not, dessert not only customized to taste, but also closer to something resembling actual food than many of the chemical concoctions found in the grocery freezer masquerading as ice cream.The problem with a number of popular automatic ice cream makers is that they require the use of a tub that must be frozen well ahead of time (48 hours is recommended), requiring both freezer space and planning ahead, and the ice cream batter should be chilled a minimum of four hours but preferably overnight. And, even after 40 to 50 minutes of processing, the end result is often too soft to serve without hardening in the freezer.This ice cream maker has a built-in compressor so the process is…

  • Makes excellent ice cream, don’t need to prep the bowl I enjoy making home made ice cream because I can control the ingredients and experiment with different flavors. My old ice cream maker required the bowl to be frozen for 8 hour prior to making the ice cream. This meant that I either had to dedicate it a permanent place in the freezer or never able to be totally spontaneous about making it. Having an ice cream maker with a built-in cooler totally solves this problem.The ice cream maker is well built and easy to use. In addition to the main body it has only three parts (the bowl, the cover with a paddle, and the paddle motor). When it works it is quiet. You can hear it in the video, it is a little quieter than the dishwasher and a little louder than the refrigerator. The top of the unit has a digital display which shows the temperature (in Celsius) and the time remaining. If the ice cream is not hard enough after 60 minutes (which is the default) it is easy to add additional…